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How it Works

At Squeak + Bean we love kids fashion and we specialize in handmade, one of a kind, cool kids clothes. Each of our pieces are unique and handmade by me, here in the US and free from harmful chemicals.

We are headed in a new direction this year!

Our main objective at Squeak & Bean is still to offer items that will be part of a collection that can be mixed and matched. We also strive to have our pieces last through the years so we want to make them so that they can be used over different seasons, perhaps by adding an accessory or two :)

So with that in mind we are changing the way we achieve those objectives by offering limited releases of ready to ship items through the year and small made to order (MTO) releases in between. Releases will be more often but smaller and limited in available pieces per size. This allows us to work more efficiently while still reducing the number of pieces that end up in landfills.

Our baby collection will continue to carry pieces for different seasons through the year so you can buy larger sizes for your babe or plan ahead for a baby arriving in a few months 😉

When contacting us for full custom items or semi custom pieces - The fabrics used to coordinate details consist of matching stripes, dots, patterns and solids that may not be pictured in each product page. Therefore, if you have a preference (for or against!) let us know in the comments. Our recommendation is to allow as much creative freedom as you are comfortable with because that allows us to better create a wardrobe unique to your kids.

We are also incorporating one last section where i will be including pieces I was inspired to create, usually one of a kind. These will also be ready to ship items probably only available in one or two sizes.

At Squeak & Bean we design, cut and sew every single item individually to give you the highest quality baby clothes available.

So if you have any questions regarding sizing, ordering or a design, don't hesitate to reach out at shop@squeaknbean.com